Chainsaw Training Course

chainsaw cutting down tree

Chainsaw Training Course

This is a one-day course for experienced operators. Those that are new to chainsaw use are advised that additional training and/or assessing may be required to be found competent of the practical NZQA Unit Standard 6917. In the instance of not being found competent of NZQA Unit Standard 6917 on the day, NZQA Unit Standard 6916 may be awarded.   

NZQA Unit Standard 6917-Demonstrate basic chainsaw operation.

12 Credits @ Level 2

  • This unit standard is intended for chainsaw users other than commercial forestry.
  • This unit standard is designed as an introduction to chainsaw use.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the rules for Chainsaw use
  • Controlling risks
  • Chain maintenance
  • Disassemble and reassemble a chainsaw and identify and explain the main function of components.
  • Identify and explain the main function of safety features and components.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of factors that influence the operation of a chainsaw.
  • Prepare to operate, start and test a chainsaw.
  • Use a chainsaw to make cuts.

Shane will cover PPE, first aid and fuel basics in addition to the assessment requirements.  


NZQA Unit Standard 6916- Demonstrate knowledge of the rules relating to chainsaw use.

5 Credits @ Level 2

Unit Standard 6916 is no longer a prerequisite for the Unit Standard 6917 therefore this is optional. Please state in your enquiry if you wish to achieve this in addition to Unit Standard 6917. 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the rules for chainsaw use
  • Describe rules relating to the transport and use of chainsaw fuel in accordance with accepted industry practice.
  • Describe PPE and first aid requirements for chainsaw operators in accordance with accepted industry practice.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of chainsaw basics
Chainsaw Refresher Courses also available – Where the use of chainsaws is not an employee’s core job, and recognizing the dangerous nature of operating a chainsaw, it is recommended as “best practice” that refresher training is completed every three years.