Under the Health & Safety at Work ( Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017 a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) is required to have one or more certified handlers if your workplace uses, handles, manufactures or stores certain hazardous substances. – acutely toxic substances (classes 6.1A & 6.1B)

Can other people handle the substances?

In the following situations, substances with certified handler requirements do not have to be under the personal control of a certified handler:

A person who is not a certified handler can handle hazardous substances that normally require one if a certified handler:

– is present at the place where the substance is being handled, and
– has provided guidance to the person about handling the substance, and
– is available at all times to assist while the person is handling the substance

Gaining your VTA Certified Handler Certificate is part of working towards gaining a Worksafe Controlled Substance Licence (CSL)  

Application Process

  1. Contact Shane the Compliance certifier via email: [email protected] 
  2. An application form and information will be sent once it is established that the applicant requires a Certified Handler Certificate
  3. Please ensure that you have completed the Enrolment Form, Questionnaire and included all items on the Checklist when submitting the application.
  4. Once an application is received Shane will assess the application, contact you with the outcome and if further evidence is required will send a report outlining this.
  5. An invoice will be sent on receipt of an application. $400.00 + GST 
  6. A site visit will be arranged if one is deemed necessary (additional charges may apply)
  7. All additional communications will be invoiced separately at a rate of $120 per hour
  8. Once a Compliance Certificate has been issued it will be emailed to the applicant and the employer (if applicable)