Tractor Training Course

Tractor Training Course

(non NZQA Unit Standard course)

This is a one day training course covering all aspects of tractor use, pre-start checks (based on operators manuals) and safe operation based on best practice guidelines. Participants will receive a performance report and certificate of attendance.  

NZQA Unit Standard Tractor Course

This is a one day course for those that have evidence of previous experience of tractor use. This should include; Driving logs  and employer verification of competency and/or external or workplace training records. This must be supplied prior to attending the course.

 NZQA Unit Standard: 19044 – Credits: 4 @ level 2
Describe the legal requirements and occupational hazards associated with tractor use. 

Unit standard options- 

NZQA Unit Standard 31913 –Credits: 3 @ level 2

Operate a basic tractor on flat terrain under close supervision

NZQA Unit Standard 31914 – Credits: 2 @ level 2

Attach and detach a power take off driven 3 point linkage mounted implement to a basic tractor under close supervision

NZQA Unit Standard 27604 -Credits:4 @ level 3

Drive a tractor with an attached implement on hilly terrain

NZQA Unit Standard: 24538 -Credits: 4 @ level 3

DKO Demonstrate Knowledge of tractor stability and the dynamics of tractors and attached implements

Refresher Courses are also available