Tractor Training Course

This is a one day course for those that have previous experience with tractor use. For those new to tractor use the course is arranged over two half day sessions . Day two will be arranged once trainees have provided the various evidence of safe use of a tractor. 

Day One

Theory assessment 

 NZQA Unit Standard: 19044 – Credits: 4 @ level 2
Describe the legal requirements and occupational hazards associated with tractor use

Day Two

Practical assessment of the required unit standards. Evidence of practical use required prior to attending this course. 

Unit standard options- 

NZQA Unit Standard 24552 –Credits: 5 @ level 2

Check and drive a basic wheel tractor with an attached implement on flat terrain

NZQA Unit Standard 27604 -Credits:4 @ level 3

Drive a tractor with an attached implement on hilly terrain

NZQA Unit Standard: 24538 -Credits: 4 @ level 3

DKO Demonstrate Knowledge of tractor stability and the dynamics of tractors and attached implements