Renewal Growsafe Course – Richmond


A GROWSAFE Standard Certificate is valid for 5 years, at which time it can be renewed. As you already hold a GROWSAFE Introductory/Standard certificate, you are not required to complete a full assessment of skills and knowledge. However, you are required to demonstrate that you are competent to the required level for a GROWSAFE Standard certificate. In particular, you need to demonstrate that you are aware of recent changes to the regulatory environment for agrichemicals. Note: Growsafe certificate expiry information -NZAET Policy is that you can only renew your current Growsafe certificate if it is less than 1 year from the expiry date. If your expiry date exceeds the 1year period you will need to attend a full Standard or Basic Growsafe course. Certificates are not valid after the expiry date.

Venue: Birch Hall, Richmond Park Showgrounds, Lower Queen Street, Richmond


Mar 23 2020


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


03 544 4062